Year in Review

2020 was relentless.

It challenged the strength of all our relationships — professional and otherwise. We had to be flexible and innovative to continue providing the same uninterrupted, quality service our agents and customers depend on. From coastal hurricanes to landlocked ones, riots to wildfires, pandemic pitfalls to market crashes, the year packed its punches in all directions with practically everyone longing for a little extra peace of mind. And at EMC, that’s exactly what we provide.

We exist to improve lives. To protect what’s most important, and when needed, help rebuild and restore. To deliver, again and again, on a century-old promise with the kind of support, empowerment and innovations that enable all to emerge stronger than before.

But we are resilient.

We are grateful.

We are proud of our team members for upholding our commitment to exceptional service while balancing a new work environment and other challenges brought on by the pandemic. Our team continued to exemplify our Count on EMC® brand promise, exhibiting flexibility, dedication and resiliency to ensure we continued to meet the needs of our agents and policyholders.

The EMC team members pictured represent some of EMC’s critical crew during 2020.


We are ready for the future.

This year was a journey and an education. By working together and learning from one another, we strengthened our foundation, created positive change, and grew our skills, services and partnerships.

January 23, 2020

EMC Elevates Executive Vice Presidents, Introduces New Operating Structure

In his new role as President of EMC Insurance Companies, Scott Jean elevated several leaders to executive vice president and introduced a new operating structure for the company.

Read more about the executive team and the areas they oversee on the Leadership page.

March 2020

Bruce Kelley: A Legacy of Leadership

After a 35-year career at EMC, Bruce Kelley retired on March 11, 2020. Kelley advanced the company’s financial stability, high ethical business standards, and commitment to team members, independent insurance agents, policyholders and communities during his tenure. His legacy of unwavering leadership will live on as he continues to serve as a board member for both Employers Mutual Casualty Company (EMC) and the EMC Insurance Foundation.

March 11, 2020

Scott Jean Appointed CEO of Employers Mutual Casualty Company

In his own words, Scott speaks about assuming his first full day as CEO on March 12, and then sending everyone home that same day.

“The thing about resiliency is you’re not only recovering from where you were before, but you’re bouncing back into a better position. No matter what we faced, we responded stronger and continued doing everything we needed to do to function, succeed and thrive as an insurance company.”

March 12, 2020

EMC Team Shifts to Working from Home

Our successful transition to a remote work environment was possible through the quick adjustments of our technology, human resources and communications teams. We provided the necessary equipment to keep our teams working and connected, sent out ongoing communications, and offered the resources and benefits — including paid pandemic leave — so team members could put the health of themselves and their families first. We are proud of our team members for their flexibility, dedication and resiliency, showing our agents and policyholders they can always Count on EMC®.

2019: 4.77
2020: 4.81
Claims Service Score
2019: 66%
2020: 80%
Percent of Positive Comments

Resilient and Resourceful

Despite the unique challenges posed by 2020, EMC team members continued to serve and respond to the needs of our agents, policyholders and each other. In fact, our claims scores increased over the prior year.

Providing quick claims and excellent customer service are important to us. Here are some recent comments policyholders made about their experience with EMC.

Quotation mark icon

“Great insurance company, great people. I'm so glad I switched to EMC!”

Quotation mark icon

“Smooth, easy and wonderful experience.”

Quotation mark icon

“Excellent! Very good communication and teamwork!”


We are stronger together.

Between the waves and winds of crisis, we discover the value of strong, reliable relationships. Our independent agents provide value that extends far beyond our reach as they work tirelessly to personally respond to the needs of our policyholders. Undoubtedly, the demands were high this past year. To continue strengthening our bond with agent partners, we remain dedicated to delivering more exceptional service and innovative solutions that drive mutual profitability and make us even more prepared for what the future brings.

Faster Processing of Bond Forms

EMC added straight-through processing capabilities for more than 70 bond forms in 12 states in 2020. For values $25,000 or less, agents can enter and submit these bonds directly through our agent portal, Agent Access, without underwriter involvement — saving time and improving customer experiences for agents and policyholders.

Multiple EMC teams collaborated through an agile approach to build this new functionality, selecting batches of forms to program and release throughout the year based on value, usage and demand. Availability will continue to expand to more bond forms and states in 2021.

EMC Awarded DCC Elite™ Certification by Deep Customer Connections

Awarded to only five property/casualty insurance carriers nationally, the honor represents exceptional performance in, and commitment to, ease of business as experienced by independent agents. Learn more.


In written premium

Light Manufacturers

In written premium
Policyholders across 41 states

2020 Year-end Stats for Two High-performing Programs

April 2020

EMC Introduces New Quoting Tool

Policy Now is EMC’s new quoting tool on our agent portal, Agent Access, that allows for straight-through processing of business owners policies (BOP). It’s an easy and intuitive system that saves time and enables agents to issue policies more efficiently.


EMC introduced the EMC TeleTech Program, an expansion of a target market program for telephone and internet service providers available in the EMC Des Moines Branch. Over a 10-year period, the program proved to be successful with a 22% incurred/earned loss ratio. During that time, no single year saw a loss ratio of more than 30%, with some years being as low as 11%.

The TeleTech Program combines a network of tailored coverages and resources that will be monitored and updated to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the telecommunications and technology providers industries.


We are paving the way.

Change, and the speed at which it happens, requires us to consistently have an eye on the horizon. Not just looking to keep up, but to set the pace and pave the way. At EMC, we are always innovating — exploring, assessing and implementing technologies that can benefit our agency partners and our policyholders. Transforming our systems to elevate customer experiences. And improving our processes for more efficient, faster and smarter ways to do business.

Endless Innovation

To cement our stance as an industry leader in innovation, we leverage our partnerships with insurtech companies to harness data and simplify the lives of team members, agents and policyholders. Check out these innovative approaches to find out how we’re helping to protect our policyholders — from a proven work-injury nurse hotline to building sensors and wearable technology to prevent losses.

Best in Category

EMC Insurance Companies was recognized as the winner of two innovation awards by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) during their annual Award in Innovation presentation.

Best in Category


Best in Category

Conference Alignment

Enhancing the EMC Experience

In 2020, EMC made substantial progress in developing our new underwriting, billing and claims platform, which will begin rolling out to agents in 2021. Our ultimate goal is to enrich agent and customer experiences by providing more ways to meet their needs, enhancing our relationships and creating industry-leading processes for the entire insurance lifecycle. EMC’s digital transformation also includes increasing our capability to run cloud-based applications and modernizing supporting systems, allowing EMC to focus more on adding business value and less on routine maintenance.

April 23, 2020

EMC receives innovationLEADER of the Year Award

Des Moines-based innovationIOWA Magazine recognized EMC Insurance Companies as its 2020 innovationLEADER of the Year. The award honors a company for the originality, leadership and impact of their innovative culture and processes. Learn more.

May 2020

Robotic Process Automation

EMC launched a companywide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative to identify processes and systems that could be automated. In the first year, our working group put three automations into production, with one more set for implementation in early 2021. These four RPA solutions are expected to save EMC $1.5 million annually, not to mention give our team members more time to focus on the needs of our agents and policyholders.

EMC Is First Insurance Company to Join Safe + Sound Campaign

Organized by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Safe + Sound is a year-round campaign that encourages every workplace to have a safety and health program to protect workers from occupational injuries and illnesses.

EMC has always placed a high value on preventing worker injuries. By supporting Safe + Sound, we are deepening our commitment to helping employers protecting their most valuable resources — their employees — and providing them with the tools they need to improve workplace safety.

Inside EMC

We are one EMC.

Our success depends on the immediate celebration and cultivation of a diverse workforce, an inclusive culture, and a strong presence in diverse communities and markets. Diversity fuels innovation.

It elevates conversations and contributes to better outcomes. We are a stronger company because of the various experiences, talents and gifts each team member brings to work every day.

And we are better positioned for growth because we include, invest in and develop the future, resilient leaders of this company.

June 2, 2020

We Stand Together for Change

EMC is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and to fighting against racism and discrimination wherever it exists. And our leaders are committed to ensuring that we foster a company culture that values and respects DE&I in everything we do. We are the great company we are because of our team members, who all have different life experiences, talents and gifts to share. We must value and respect those differences because they make us better. We stand together, because that is what it means to be one EMC.

Committed to diversity.

More than 1,400 CEOs of the world’s leading companies have signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion, to advance DE&I in the workplace through measurable action. Scott Jean also signed the CEO Commitment to Racial Equity in DSM, developed by the Greater Des Moines Partnership and its Inclusion Council. This commitment states, “We have reached a critical moment in our nation and region’s history that calls us to address racial equity in meaningful ways.” 

DE&I Pop-Up Innovation Lab

EMC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Pop-Up Innovation Lab explored and researched the business problems of today, addressed opportunities for tomorrow, and made recommendations for positive change at EMC. Lab members gave presentations and hosted breakout sessions on how DE&I improves the lives of our team members and policyholders, as well as brings business value to EMC.

July 15, 2020

A Connection Culture

EMC joins Instagram to continue developing supportive and collaborative relationships with our team members, agents, policyholders and communities. Follow us!

EXP EMC Internship Program

EMC’s paid internships provide incredible opportunities to work as a team and come up with new ideas to better serve our customers. These internships, typically offered in all EMC locations, are also a great first step toward a full-time career at EMC (just ask our CEO, Scott Jean). While many companies cancelled or suspended their internship programs in 2020, we were resilient, offering our EXP EMC program virtually and showing our commitment to developing these future professionals.

EMC University

This comprehensive, interactive learning experience enables new underwriting and claims team members to fully immerse themselves as professionals in both the insurance industry and the culture of EMC. The program helps these team members be empowered, effective contributors early in their EMC careers, and gives them the knowledge and resources they need to provide exceptional customer experiences to agents and policyholders.

When it became clear this spring that the curriculum needed to shift to an all-virtual experience, the team didn’t miss a beat. By utilizing agile practices, they were able to adapt the program to an online learning experience in less than 90 days.

Community Action

We are improving lives.

This past year has been a storm of many unexpected and unprecedented events. Providing financial security at the time of a loss is the bedrock of our business. But our purpose is greater. We are dedicated to protecting, supporting and improving the lives of all the people, businesses and communities who Count on EMC®.

The EMC Insurance Foundation

We’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve. Each year, EMC Insurance Companies allocates the equivalent of one tenth of one percent of the prior year’s surplus to grantmaking through the EMC Insurance Foundation which supports numerous organizations in central Iowa and around the country.

With contributions from
2020, the Foundation’s
charitable giving passed:


The total amount
given by the Foundation
in 2020 was:


For a full snapshot of our 2020 community involvement impact, click here.

August 10, 2020

Midwest Derecho

This powerful storm, described as an inland hurricane, tore through parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The derecho arrived with little warning, with winds sustaining 60-75 mph and gusts reaching more than 100 mph.

We received more than 400 damage claims in the first week, which spurred an “all hands-on deck” approach with EMC adjusters starting inspections that first day. Overall, we received claims from 101 agencies. It was the largest storm loss in EMC history, with more than $150 million in claims, including the single largest claim EMC has seen.

August 29, 2020

Hurricane Laura

In late August, Hurricane Laura, a category 4 hurricane, ravaged southwestern Louisiana. With sustained top wind speeds of 150 mph, it was the strongest hurricane to strike the state of Louisiana since 1856. The storm’s wind and rain caused significant damage and power outages.

Our Corporate Office and Jackson Branch sprang into action immediately, sending adjusters to the area. We also brought in trusted independent adjusters to reduce wait times for our policyholders. EMC has received more than 345 claims regarding the storm.

“The adjusters for EMC have been doing an unbelievable job of taking care of our insureds … Count on EMC® is not just a slogan, it’s the people behind the name that make it count.”
– Mike Demarie, Demarie Insurance Agency Inc.

Pandemic Relief

Families, schools and small businesses are vital to successful communities. But to be resilient in the face of a devastating global pandemic, one needs resources and, oftentimes, financial assistance. To help those struggling due to COVID-19, EMC donated money to these worthy nonprofit organizations. Additionally, EMC team members volunteered their time and materials to make face masks for community organizations to help keep their staff, volunteers and partners safe.


donated to Feeding America for school food pantries and other child hunger programs.


donated to support the Small Business Recovery Grant Program offered through a consortium of public and private entities in central Iowa.

In a year filled with unexpected challenges, what wasn’t unexpected was our dedication to protecting and serving those in need.

From the team members working from home who answered phones and replied to a flurry of emails, to the adjusters who were out in the field assessing damage, we remained committed to helping agents and policyholders every step of the way.

At EMC, we exist to improve lives, which means we will continue to be relentless in our efforts to build back what once was, and to reassure those closest to us and around the country that they can always Count on EMC®.

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