This is the executive team that led EMC through 2021: (left to right) Scott R. Jean, President and Chief Executive Officer; Executive Vice Presidents: Elizabeth A. Nigut, Todd A. Strother, Meyer T. Lehman.

Meet Our New Senior Vice Presidents


Ann M. Collins, M.B.A., CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Bringing over 28 years of experience and expertise in the financial field to EMC, Collins previously served as chief financial officer and senior vice president of Continental Western Group. As CFO, Collins provides strategic financial analysis to EMC business partners and oversees financial reporting to all external regulatory bodies.


Sharon R. Cooper, M.A., CPCU, Chief Marketing Officer

Cooper previously served as global head of business communications for Munich Re, chief communications and marketing officer at Selective Insurance Group and has 20+ years of marketing experience. In this newly created role, Cooper oversees all marketing and communications strategy and activity, including the areas of advertising, branding, community involvement and public relations.


Teresa L. Miller, CCP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Miller joined EMC in 1985 and has greatly contributed to EMC’s culture and success by putting our team members first for over 25 years. She most recently served as vice president—team member lifecycle. In her new role, Miller oversees all human resources strategy and activity, including the areas of organizational effectiveness, talent acquisition, talent management and total rewards.


Sean A. Pelletier, J.D., Chief Compliance Officer

Pelletier started in the corporate legal department almost 20 years ago, helping to develop EMC’s first formal compliance program. He’s also led the government relations program and the EMC Insurance Foundation before being named vice president—compliance and government relations in 2019. In his new role, Pelletier oversees all compliance strategy and activity, including the areas of administration, corporate risk, facilities, government relations and vendor management.


Meg M. Weist, J.D., Chief Claims Officer

Weist joined the Des Moines branch claims operation as a practicing attorney in 1992. She’s served as claims coverage counsel at corporate office, the home office claims superintendent and vice president—claims & litigation management before being named vice president – claims operations in 2019. In her new role, Weist oversees all claims strategy and activity, including the claims operational transition.


President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott R. Jean, FCAS, MAAA

Executive Vice Presidents

Meyer T. Lehman, FCAS, MAAA

Elizabeth A. Nigut, J.D.

Todd A. Strother, J.D.

Senior Vice Presidents

Ian C. Asplund, M.S., FCAS, MAAA, CERA, Chief Strategy Officer

Ann M. Collins, M.B.A., CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Sharon R. Cooper, M.A., CPCU, Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel C. Crew, CPCU, CIC, CRM, Chief Underwriting Officer

Bradley J. Fredericks, M.B.A., FLMI, Chief Investment Officer

Phil R. Lucca, CPCU, Chief Field Officer

Teresa L. Miller, CCP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Sean A. Pelletier, J.D., Chief Compliance Officer

Joe R. Riesberg, Chief Information Officer

Lisa A. Simonetta, J.D., Chief Claims Officer (retiring May 2, 2022)

Meg M. Weist, J.D., Chief Claims Officer

Vice Presidents

Karey S. Anderson, CFA

Melissa J. Appenzeller, CPCU, FCAS, MAAA

Evans Chang

James D. Clough, ARe

Robert A. Coon, M.B.A.

Derek D. Dunnagan, CPCU, FCAS, AIAF, ARC

Krista M. Dusak, M.B.A., CUA

Larry G. Hamling, CPCU, CPA, AIAF, Controller

Jessica J. Hendricks, M.B.A., CPCU, CIC, AU

Ronald D. Herman, M.S., CPA, AIAF

Erik J. Keninger, CPCU, API, AU, AIM

Laks Krishnamoorthy

Cindy G. McCauley, CPM

Angela S. Noble

Frederic J. Papendick Jr.

Sanja Plynaar, M.B.A., CPCU, CIC, AU

Kelvin B. Sederburg, ACAS, MAAA, Appointed Actuary

Robert G. Seiler, CEBS

Lucréia M. Smith, M.B.A., CPCU, AINS, API

Mondale W. Smith, M.B.A., M.S., CPCU, AIAF, AIDA, ARe, ARM, AU-M, CSP, OHST

P. Bryon Snethen, CPCU, ARM, CSP, AU

Bruce E. Stanley

Douglas S. Van Zanten, J.D., CPCU

Carey R. Verschuure, CIA, CISA, Chief Audit Officer

Steven T. Walsh, CPA

Matthew G. Wentzel, CPCU, AIM

Deidré N. Williams, MIS, CCMP, CSM

Damon B. Youmans

Regional Vice Presidents

Rob J. Friedman, CPCU, CIC, ARe

David R. Young, M.B.A., CPCU, AU, ARM-P, AIAF, CFA

Branch Vice Presidents

Ryan B. Adams

Gary D. Alford, CPCU, ARM, ARe, AIM, AU

Craig A. Bruder, M.B.A., CPCU, ARM, ACI, CAWC

Coleman W. Cummins, CPCU, AU, AIM

Matthew J. Fellers, CPCU, AU

Paula J. Finkelman, AU

Philip A. Goedde, CPCU, CIC (retiring May 2, 2022)

Greg Harrington, CPCU, CSRM, AU, ARM

Paulette J. Johnson, CPCU, AU, AIS, INS

Douglas P. Lincoln, CPCU, CLU, AU, ChFC, AINS

John W. Mitchell, CPCU

Mark C. Neubauer

Marilyn R. Ternes, CPCU, AU

Tanya R. Wentzel, M.P.A., CPCU, CIC, AU

Assistant Vice Presidents

Steven J. Albaugh, APA

Joshua J. August, CPCU, CIC, AU

Katie A. Bleil, CPCU

Douglas L. Brinkman, CPCU, CSP

Dion C. Brown, J.D., CPCU, ChFC, ARC, AIC

Sarah L. Buckley, APR

Kenneth D. Cumpston Jr., CPCU, AFSB, ARe

Chad Dannewitz, AINS

Tamara L. Evans, CPCU, SCLA-Gold, AIM, AIC, ACS

Brian C. Fuller, AIC

Pavan Goteti, M.B.A, CSP-SM, CSPO

Joseph A. Gullo

Michael A. Hand, AFSB

Casey L. Harvey, CPCU, ARe

Lee D. Henderson, J.D., CIPP/US

Benjamin P. Herman, CPA, AFSB

Michael W. Lester, CPA

Brady J. Mallon

Thomas A. Monnier, AIC

Jeffrey B. Monson, CPA, CPCU, AIAF, ARe

Sheri L. Oleshko, ACAS

Sarah J. Paoli

Brent L. Rickabaugh, CPCU, AU

Linda E. Rivera

Dawn M. Rizzi

Sandra C. Smith, M.B.A., ARM

Ryan J. Springer, J.D., AFSB

Erin F. Stober, CPCU, CIC, AU, AINS

Barbara A. Sullivan, CPCU, AIC

Matt W. Trost, FCAS

Chad B. Veach, CPCU, CSP, ARM

Dalith Wells, CPCU, CIC, API

Current as of March 15, 2022

Board of Directors

Chair of the Board

David J.W. Proctor, J.D.
Practicing Attorney and Shareholder
Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, P.C.
Des Moines, Iowa

Board Members

Thomas W. Booth
Retired Open Innovation Leader
Lennox International, Inc.
Boulder, Colorado

Nora M. Everett, J.D.
Retired Chairman of Principal Funds and President, Retirement Savings & Income Solutions
Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, Iowa

Matthew D. Griffin, J.D.
Head of Legal Department
College Board
Brooklyn, New York

Steven G. Jacobs
Co-Founder, Principal and President
BCC Advisers
Des Moines, Iowa

Ronald W. Jean, FCAS, MAAA
Retired Executive Vice President for
Corporate Development
EMC Insurance Companies
Altoona, Iowa

Scott R. Jean, FCAS, MAAA
President and CEO
EMC Insurance Companies
West Des Moines, Iowa

Bruce G. Kelley, J.D., CPCU, CLU
Retired CEO
EMC Insurance Companies
Des Moines, Iowa

Richard Koch, Jr.
President and Owner
Koch Office Group
Des Moines, Iowa

J. Thomas Lockhart, M.B.A.
Financial and Accounting Consultant
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Mary O’Gorman Murray, CPCU
Retired Reinsurance Broker and Chief Administrative Officer
Towers Perrin Reinsurance
Media, Pennsylvania

David S. Ziegler
Owner and CEO
Ziegler’s Ace Hardware
Elgin, Illinois


  • Lisa Hamilton, Senior Vice President – Chief Brand Officer, October
  • Jerry Harlow, Vice President – Minneapolis Branch, June
  • Jenifer Mercer-Klimowski, EMCNL Senior Vice President – Corporate Counsel & Secretary, August
  • John Schumacher, Vice President – Des Moines Branch, October