2021 Corporate Review

We exist to improve lives.

For more than 110 years that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. But to continue this trajectory, we must transform into an even stronger, more profitable company. The past 11 decades have led us to this moment. Over the last 365+ days, as we've executed our daily business, we’ve also been strategizing, refining and planning—not only our future destination—but also the important actions we must take to secure our success. Today, we're an enterprise that prioritizes inspiration, operational excellence, the customer experience and profitable growth. Tomorrow, and every day after, we'll work to level up these priorities, ensuring we continue to improve the lives of all who Count on EMC®.



Our strategy for success starts with leveling up our engagement with team members and providing an inclusive environment where diversity in demographics and thought is encouraged and celebrated. At EMC, each one of us plays a vital role. By inspiring and empowering team members to pursue goals for professional and company growth, and providing the resources to do so, we all succeed.

Guiding Our New Strategic Direction

To reach our goals as individuals, departments and as a company, we must first be aligned in our purpose, mission and values. Our refined mission and values clarify what’s important at EMC, guiding our business decisions and inspiring us to work together on this journey.


EMC’s mission is to improve lives by providing trusted financial protection for our policyholders, profitable partnerships with our agency partners, an inspiring culture for our team members and service to our communities.




Rising from the Ashes

In 2014, the property adjacent to EMC’s corporate office campus was destroyed by a fire. EMC initially acquired the property for potential office space growth, but due to reduced space needs resulting from hybrid and alternative working arrangements, EMC announced plans to turn it into a community park featuring sports courts, seating, raised flower beds and public art.


Establishing Common Ground

As EMC team members return to work, they’ll be treated to a new hot spot for coffee and other grab-and-go food. Common Ground, now open in the Des Moines skywalk system, is operated by EMC’s food and catering partner and features coffee from BLK & Bold, a Des Moines-based Black-owned coffee roaster that's distributed nationally. There’s a special lounge area exclusively for EMC team members with badge access that includes additional seating, TVs and space for informal meetings.

“We think the park will be a great place for Des Moines residents, our EMC team members, and downtown dwellers, workers and visitors to take a break, meet friends, exercise and enjoy the outdoors.” – Scott Jean, EMC President and CEO

Operational Excellence

To create a culture of excellence, we must level up the ways we deliver value to our customers. In 2021, we implemented strategic changes to our operational structure to build additional consistencies into the way we do business. This will ultimately lead us to deliver improved customer experiences while remaining committed to the local service and strong relationships we build with agents and customers, which is what sets EMC apart in the marketplace.

Enhancing Our Connections

Since its mention in the 2020 Corporate Review, we’ve been working hard to refine and implement our modern policy, billing and claims platform for all EMC branches. Doing so will improve our speed-to-market while leveling up our product and process changes to provide more ways to meet customer needs, enhance our relationships and create industry-leading processes for the entire insurance lifecycle.


EMC Wins Two Technology Awards

At the 2021 Technology Association of Iowa's 16th Annual Prometheus Awards, EMC received high honors for our achievements in technology.

Large Technology Company of the Year

Best Technology Company Culture


EMC Wins 2021 Automation Award

EMC was named a 2021 Automation Excellence Award winner by the Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU). It's one of the most prestigious honors given by the organization and celebrates innovative ideas that enhance collaboration, efficiency and profitability.

A Better View to Improving Underwriting

After a successful pilot program in 2020, EMC signed a three-year agreement with San Francisco-based artificial intelligence startup, Betterview. The tech company’s platform helps our underwriters accurately and quickly assess roof conditions and risks, which enables our agents to give potential or current policyholders the added value they deserve.


Customer Experience

Our customers' connections to our team members drive positive business growth. And the way our team members feel about our company drives their motivation to provide strong, positive interactions. That’s why we continue to level up our commitment to creating a culture of shared values, behaviors and capabilities. We demonstrate our ability to be responsive and find solutions. We show that we care.


Agents Agree: It’s Certifiably Easy to do Business with EMC

EMC was named a 2022 DCC Elite®! This certification from Deep Customer Connections honors EMC for our ongoing performance in, and commitment to, the ease of doing business experienced by independent agents.

Our Policy: Save Agents Time and Money

Using Policy Now, agents can quote and issue most businessowners policies (BOPs) in minutes, using straight-through processing that doesn’t require underwriter review. Features include:

Fewer questions, less clicks and more prefilled data
Quick indication of EMC’s appetite and eligibility for straight-through processing
An easy way to make changes and adjust pricing

Policyholders can now enroll in paperless documents through Policyholder Access!

Agents save time and money on printing and stamping.

Clients save time and paper with instant online access.

Claims Service That’s a Level Above

Ensuring our agents and policyholders have positive customer experiences is one of the most critical ways we can deepen our Count on EMC® promise and continue to improve lives. Our success is best demonstrated by the positive comments we receive from policyholders and our excellent customer service claims score: 4.79 out of 5.

EMC Offers Mobileye to Mitigate Auto Accidents

We’re delivering yet another innovative loss control solution to our commercial auto insurance customers thanks to Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel Corporation. Their industry-leading technology can help prevent a variety of auto accidents. And in addition to saving lives, policyholders also save money with preferred pricing.

Brewing Smarter Loss Control Solutions

EMC is partnering with Iowa-based company Jensen Applied Sciences LLC (JAS) to pilot an innovative program designed to help breweries prevent losses and operational disruptions. Using monitoring hardware, Internet of Things devices and sensors, brewery equipment is continuously analyzed, and real-time data is collected and sent to the Cloud. If an issue is detected, policyholders are immediately alerted, allowing corrections to be made in a timely manner.

A New Way of Life

Prior to the pandemic, EMC National Life Company (EMCNL) modernized its product portfolio and streamlined underwriting, making obtaining life insurance even easier. Not surprisingly, the pandemic brought the importance of life insurance to the forefront for consumers. With an accelerated suite of products and normalized business communications tools, such as Zoom and DocuSign, agents are now operating in a way that creates greater flexibility and convenience for all.


Profitable Growth

Our formula for success is rooted in profitable growth. To build an even stronger, more profitable EMC and set our agents apart, we must constantly level up our innovations, broaden our markets, deepen our relationships, and expand our products and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We understand that every business is unique, and we believe when we truly invest in our customers and these important relationships, we will improve the lives of those who trust us with their business.

We've Got You Covered

EMC writes commercial property/casualty insurance and life insurance countrywide and reinsurance worldwide. In fact, we write more than 500 classes of commercial property/casualty business, big and small. From commercial property and commercial auto to errors and omissions, cyber and liability, you can Count on EMC® to offer the right products to protect your company’s assets. Learn more below about some of our products where we expect to profitably grow.


Includes carpenters, electrical contractors, concrete work and many more.

Financial Institutions

Includes commercial banks, federal or state-chartered banks, central reserve depository institutions, federal home loan banks, savings institutions and credit unions.


Includes makers of electronic equipment or accessories, food products, furniture and fixtures, metal goods, plastics, rubber goods, textiles and wood products.

Wholesale Distributors

Includes apparel distributors, construction equipment wholesalers, food and beverage distributors and vehicle parts and supplies wholesalers.

Workers' Compensation

Our company began writing workersʼ compensation insurance coverage for Iowa manufacturers in 1911—and we’ve been providing it ever since. Preventing workplace accidents is critical, but when accidents happen, it’s important to protect your employees and your business. Our value-added services, such as OnCall Nurse, offer even more options for keeping employees safe by reducing risks and claims.

New Life Insurance Products

In 2021, EMCNL introduced new features to two of its term life insurance products.

Accelerated Term 2.0

Featuring our most advanced accelerated underwriting process yet, Accelerated Term 2.0 provides instant underwriting decisions at face amounts up to $1 million. Available for ages 18-60, this product also features some of the best pass-through rates in the industry.

Life Promises Term

This new product is a traditionally underwritten term product for those who don't qualify for accelerated underwriting or require face amounts higher than $1 million. It delivers the traditional underwriting features while implementing improved rates across most age ranges.


Our mission is to improve lives by providing trusted financial protection for our policyholders, profitable partnerships with our agency partners, an inspiring culture for our team members and service to our communities.

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